Pro Hunt Africa and Spribe® launches a new kind of safari “Aviator Air Hunt Safari”

Africa is very closely linked to various gambling activities, as it is the only place with the largest deposits of gold and diamonds. Many slots and other gambling games have been created based on this data. Along with this, Africa has also attracted a lot of unique animal species. To be more precise, some collectors and safari enthusiasts willingly come here to catch some of the animals. However, to link the two events and combine hunting and gambling, an incredible promotion has been invented. Now you can touch history and take up your favorite hobby.

Pro hunt aviator gold and diamonds

Terrific news for those users who love aerial safaris. Pro Hunt Africa and Spribe have announced a symbiosis. Namely, a new type of entertainment called Aviator Air Hunt Safari is expected as part of the collaboration. This type of entertainment is inspired by tours from Pro Hunt where everyone could touch the wildlife and take part in a safari. When you learn about air hunting, which will be unreal cool entertainment for you, you won’t want to go back to the ordinary world.

Please note that this type of safari is only available as part of the Aviator Air Hunt Safari. That is, you will be invited to take a unique paraglider journey in search of real wild predators. That being said, you can play the Aviator app from Spribe, where you can win a simply huge multiplier while you’re on the move to the location. What’s more, if Aviator is installed on your smartphone you’ll get a 15% discount on the safari. Such grandiose events that closely intertwine the regular world and iGaming are nowhere to be found. Yes, it may seem like a joke or a prank, but it’s not at all. Safari lovers are generally quite wealthy people and they very often like to play online casino games. Therefore, the companies have made a great joint product that will appeal to all safari and gambling enthusiasts.

Pro hunt africa aviator paraglider safari

About Pro Hunt Africa

About Pro Hunt Africa

Hunters and thrill-seekers could take part in an event to catch a lion, elephant, rhinoceros or even a giraffe. Such tours are organised only with the permission of the controlling state authorities, which issue the relevant permits. This company is on the market for rendering such services for a long time and is ready to offer a full range of hunting services. You will be provided with an experienced guide and a tracker to help you hunt your prey. They will also have an armed man with you to ensure your safety, as predators are plentiful in the savannah and you may encounter them. Regardless of whether you will be in the air with an experienced pilot. You need to make sure that safety is properly ensured. So you can be sure that nothing will happen to you during your safari.

A new kind of safari in South Africa

Rare animal hunters will have the opportunity to hunt directly in a motorised paraglider. An experienced pilot and escort team will be with you at all times. The weapons you want to use can be brought with you and professional rifles can also be hired. So there is nothing to worry about and you can do what you like. It has already been mentioned that both lions and rare wild boars, elephants and even giraffes are allowed to be hunted. The total list of animals that can be hunted is up to 50. 

Pro hunt aviator helicopter go casino

In addition to playing Aviator during your flight to the safari destination, you will also be offered a unique service. It is still available as part of the Aviator Air Hunt Safari. Imagine, you’ve finished your hunt and bagged loads of trophies, now you want to unwind and relax a bit. Spribe and Pro Hunt Africa will assign you a helicopter to take you to the best casino in South Africa. Gambling and hunting enthusiasts will enjoy this type of offer. This is quite a grand idea! 

About Spribe

Spribe is in the business of creating games with proven fairness. Typically, these are various games and other products for online casinos. The provider has many games including poker, crash games, some arcade games and turbo games. The provider’s mission is to create modern and unique gaming content to impress their users. There is still a small amount of content in the provider’s games catalog, but judging by the provider’s ambitions this is just the beginning and they are not going to stop.

About Spribe Africa

As for the legality of its operations, Spribe is regulated under the laws of several countries. This shows that the developer takes the regulation of its activities quite seriously. In particular, the company holds licenses:

  • Malta Gambling Authority
  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Gibraltar Gaming Commission
  • Romania National Gambling Office
  • And licenses from Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Colombia, Sweden, Belarus and others.
Pro hunt africa aviator RNG certificates

Quite an impressive list when you consider that many providers are limited to one or two licenses. Moreover, look at the number of RNG certificates. These certificates show that the company actively promotes its games and can confidently say that these games are fair. There are several generator certificates issued by countries like Lithuania, Netherlands and Switzerland. Not many providers can boast of having such RNG quality certificates.

Aviator – The Best Spribe Game

One of Spribe’s most popular games is Aviator. This game is found in almost 250 online casinos, which shows its popularity among players. As far as the plot is concerned, this game does not have one. However, you will need to bet on how much distance the plane will fly. The gist of the game is this: you place a bet, wait for the round to start and when the game starts, the plane takes off. The higher the plane takes off, the higher the multiplier you can get. You can end the game at any time. But, if the plane falls before you collect your winnings, the game is over. When you get bored of betting by hand, you can set Auto bet and the game will be played automatically. You will be left to choose your bet size and the multiplier at which you want to take your winnings. 

Aviator the best Spribe Game in Africa

The Aviator Game has the following features:

  • RTP – 97%
  • Volatility – Low, Medium
  • Minimum Bet – $0.1
  • Maximum Bet – $100
  • Maximum Win – $10,000.
Aviator game africa

This game Aviator offers everyone a multiplayer mode. This means that you can see who is currently playing and what bets are being placed. Aviator Bet has also become popular with travellers. The reason is that such people like multiplayer games where the plot is connected with flights and where you can get a chance for big winnings. The game is one of the fairest and most honest games out there, as evidenced by the fact that each round is checked. 

It is also worth noting that gambling should be handled responsibly. You should not gamble with funds that you cannot afford. It should be borne in mind that all gambling is risky and you cannot win regularly. If there is the slightest suspicion of addiction, you should contact professional services that provide social support. Such companies are GamStop and Gamblers Anonymous. The best way to travel and hunt is with Spribe and Pro Hunt Africa. This way you can have a lot of unforgettable experiences and at the same time get some unique animals. 

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