Review of the Aviator: real money game

Spribe is a top software provider that started its activity in 2015. One of the company’s most popular games is the Aviator bet slot.

Aviator real money game

Aviator betting game has become a real breakthrough in the casino industry. This is a fast slot that does not require learning the rules and does not have intricate principles. You just need to place a bet and make sure that the plane does not explode.

What is Aviator Game

Aviator Bet is an innovative crash slot from renowned developer Spribe. Tbilisi-based Spribe has been releasing innovative online casino games since 2019. The Aviator bet game doesn’t have the reels, rows, and paylines we’re used to. Instead, the slot is built around a takeoff plane that gradually takes off. 

What is Aviator Game

The slot offers a new and unique experience in online casino betting. Aviator betting game is available in many online casinos around the world, in order to find this slot in a casino, just type Aviator into the search bar.

How Aviator Game Works

Aviator betting game is a unique entertainment for gamblers. The slot is designed with the classic style of pixel video games. It sounds strange, but the game is made at a high level and has excellent musical accompaniment.

How Aviator slot Works

In Aviator, everything starts with a 1x multiplier at which a plane flies in. It gains height and increases the multiplier. As you climb, your winnings increase and can reach a huge jackpot of 100x.

The game is based on the Random Number Generator, which ensures the independence of the results and complete fairness for the players.

Aviator Vital Features

Aviator attracts gamblers with its simplicity and clear rules for everyone. But the slot also has interesting in-game details that make this slot even more fun. Let’s take a closer look.

Aviator Game Vital Features
  1. Live chat. Spribe added an in-game chat function to the slot. With it, you can keep in touch with other gamblers and share your impressions.
  2. Live statistics. Aviator game allows you to play in parallel with other players online. And the statistics on the left side of the screen will make it possible to observe the rates of other people and see when they collect money.
  3. History of bets. In the panel with statistics, there is also a “My Bets” tab. There you can check the history of your bets and winnings.
  4. Autoplay. In the Aviator casino game, you can enable the autoplay feature. You must select a multiplier and the slot will stop automatically.
  5. There is no exact volatility. Aviator betting game does not have an exact indicator of volatility. You yourself can choose this based on your gaming behavior. By the way, the RTP of the slot is 97%.

How to Bet on Aviator?

Now you already know what is Aviator game. Now it remains to figure out the rules and learn how to play it.

How to Bet on Aviator slot

As was already said, Aviator is a simple game that does not require learning the rules. And to start playing you only need to follow a couple of simple steps:

  1. Choose a decent casino website and create an account.
  2. Make a deposit.
  3. Find Aviator in the games catalog and enter the game.
  4. Choose the bet amount from 0.1 to 100 dollars.
  5. Click the “Place a bet” button.
  6. Follow the plane.
  7. Press “collect” when you see fit, the main thing is to do it before the plane explodes.
  8. That is all! Now you can repeat this process and play a few more games.

After you have successfully played a few rounds, you will be able to withdraw money from your casino account.

Aviator mobile app

Aviator casino game was created using HTML5 technology, which allows you to work perfectly both on PC and on tablets and smartphones.

Aviator mobile APP

There is no separate Aviator application, but you can download the application from any trusted casino and play there. The game quickly adapts to the screen size and works without bugs.

How to win money at Aviator: Best Strategies

Not a typical Aviator gameplay requires a special approach. Yes, the rules of the game are quite simple, but in order to win more often and benefit from it, you may need strategies for your bets:

Aviator Best Strategies
  • Small bet strategy – This strategy is suitable for players who do not like to take risks with big money. To do this, you choose a small bet amount and expect a large multiplier. For example, you can choose the minimum amount as your bid. Do not worry, this method assumes that you will lose several times, but as soon as you get a big multiplier, your money will be returned to you and added on top.
  • Big quick bet – There is little risk in this strategy. You will need to make a big bet and withdraw money almost instantly. Here, the larger the bet amount, the better, because even a small multiplier will allow you to win good money thanks to your initially large amount.

Is Aviator Game Real or Fake?

Aviator slot is absolutely legal and fair with its players. The developer company Spribe fully vouches for its games as it respects its customers. Spribe has licenses. In addition, the website has a list of integrity certificates from the UK Gambling Authority, Italy, Estonia, Latvia, and many other countries.

Aviator Game Real

Aviator game, in turn, is based on the Random Number Generator, which guarantees an honest result. A closed system will not allow you to hack the game and interfere with the result. You can win a large amount of money without risk.